Success Stories

Welcome to our Success Stories page! We asked our patients a few questions; what first brought them to our office, what has changed for them since starting chiropractic care, what would they say to someone who has never seen a chiropractor? The response we received was amazing! Please take a minute of your time to see what they had to say.


"I was having back pain, taking at least 4 Aleve a day to relieve the pain, my sleep was being disrupted, and my feet were killing me. By the end of the day I was moody. I was a mess! I heard about Dr. Jason Clemmons though a friend who really encouraged me to go and just see if he could help me.What hasn't changed? My back pain is COMPLETELY gone, I have taken maybe 4 Aleve in the 8 months Dr. Clemmons has been treating me. I sleep through the night (finally). My feet no longer hurt; my mood is stable; my fingers don't feel arthritic at 34 years old. I could go on and on! GO FOR IT! My husband and children now see Dr. Clemmons, and what a difference it has made for them too!"

-Heather Nurse, Wife and Mother of Three

"My initial reason for seeking chiropractic care was for my 11 year old daughter. She was taking four different medications daily. She had 2 for asthma, and 2 for allergies. We hated to see her pump her little body full of medicine. The medicine was not curing her problem, but masking it. My three year old son was also taking allergy medicine nightly. I wondered how I would ever know if the kids would out grow the issues if I always gave them medicines to cover them.

My eyes were opened at my first visit with Dr. Clemmons. I was introduced to a new word and concept-"Subluxation." Your body was created to monitor itself and heal itself.

The medicines we kept putting in our children's bodies, and our bodies, fights for our bodies attention. I decided to put our entire family in the care of Dr. Clemmons and his staff.

We are all seen for different reasons. Taylor 16, is an infuse soccer player that benefits from adjustments. Kody 11 is medication free and can play soccer without an inhaler. Teagan 3 is medicine free and is rarely sick. Paul my husband is sleeping better, feeling better and his back problems have decreased. I, who need the most frequent care sleep better, I am 99% headache free; my negative curve in my neck has improved by 18 degrees.

This has truly been a life changing, health saving, and money saving decision for our family."

-Kim Wife and Mother of Three

"When I first started my care at Lubbock Family Chiropractic I had been an avid cyclist for the last 20 years. I sought Dr. Clemmons's care after having leg pain for about the last year. My legs would almost feel dead when riding, and I had a lot of difficulty warming up on long rides. Since seeking chiropractic care with Dr. Jason Clemmons, I've seen a great improvement not only in my legs but over my entire body. My neck has always given me problems on long rides and I just accepted it. Now my legs are better, my neck doesn't hurt, and I'm much more comfortable on the bike. In fact, I just finished a 100 mile ride in August 2009 and it was the easiest century ride I've ever done!

That's not the end though; I also have much less discomfort and pain in my work as a hot tub technician and sunroom builder. Before my treatments I was in such pain all the time, and was having more issues with fatigue and depression. Things have greatly improved more every week. I've done chiropractic adjustments before but only once or twice a year. That was not enough. Dr. Jason Clemmons helped me understand that my chiropractic care was not just for pain, but maintenance for life and if done well, for correction of my issues.

Dr. Jason Clemmons has made a believer out of me. I will be utilizing his care for the rest of my life. "

-Wayne Husband, Father and Cyclist

"Originally, I came to Lubbock Family Chiropractic because I hurt my back. I thought I could get adjusted and not have any more problems. After I reviewed my x-rays and found out that your spine is the basis for why you feel the way you feel, I was in shock. Had I known that years ago, I probably would have begun seeking treatment before. I can say that I feel 100% better than I did last year at this time and would recommend, and have recommended Lubbock Family Chiropractic to many people."


"I began my chiropractic journey about 18 months ago. I was having lower back pain that would spread from the top of my lower back and into my rear and legs when I stepped wrong. I mentioned to a co-worker and friend of mine that I needed to see a chiropractor, and she recommended Dr. Jason Clemmons. When she described her back problems and problems her mom had, and how Dr. C had helped them both, she truly believed he could fix anything. I thought she was crazy but so long as he made my back better I didn't really care.

Now I have to admit, when I first started seeing Dr. C I was a skeptic, and often times he and I butted heads. I am a Medical Technologist and much of my education is based heavily in medicine, but not chiropractic medicine and wellness which are a completely different things. I can remember thinking that Dr. C had no idea what he was talking about when he described that many of the body's abnormal physiology and pathology were the result of a central nervous system that was unable to communicate efficiently and effectively with the body, as well as a deficiency in nutritional and wellness resources that drive this communication process. My thought process was that the body was predisposed to many disease states and genetic problems as a result of our genetic codes and our parents, combined with not seeking the proper medical care or pharmaceuticals. I remember I got strep throat and I blamed it on people not washing their hands and spreading their germs. Dr. C told me that my body was worn down and that I would not have gotten strep if my nutritional and spinal health were in better shape. Honestly I didn't believe him.

In February 2009, approximately 6 months after I began my chiropractic care I was diagnosed with Melanoma. Just newly engaged and only 25 years old my world came crashing down around me. When I told Dr. C about the cancer he didn't tell me it would be okay not to worry about it (which is what every other Physician had), he told me that we would fight it and that we would get my body healthy enough to beat the cancer. During this time my acne was also out of control. Acne is a problem I have battled ever since my teens and I have never been able to get it under control. Other doctors would put me on antibiotics which would get rid of my acne, but it was never a permanent fix. Dr. C told me that my body was deficient of vitamins which weren't allowing my body to fight the bacteria or heal the skin. Not to mention the intense amount of stress I was under dealing with the cancer. I started taking a round of simple supplements recommended by Dr. C and within about a week time frame I saw a very notable difference. Shortly after the supplements for my acne, I started on some supplements that were geared toward supporting the immune system. In October of 2009 I was told that my most recent round of biopsies was completely negative and that I was completely cancer free. That was 4 months ago. I have a very nasty scar that will always be a reminder of the cancer and a reminder of how the body, when under the influence of negative stressors and influences, can revolt.

Needless to say I have done a lot more research into chiropractic care. I have also spent a lot of time with Dr. C learning how my medical knowledge isn't wrong, but more of how the body is affected by the spine and the nutrients in which we put into it. I have learned how disease processes are more than just a result of genetics and how positive influences can keep the body from falling into a pattern that makes it more vulnerable to genetics and disease.

I am now a firm believer in chiropractic care and I aspire to someday become a chiropractor. My fiancé, soon to be husband, started seeing Dr. C for his back pain and headaches. While he makes fun of me from time to time, and says that I am now "one of those weird health people" he too has been grateful for Dr. Clemmons' care. We have both seen our allergies go from severe to practically nothing. My back no longer hurts and I haven't had migraines in almost a year. My skin looks better now than it ever has. I recently talked a friend into seeing Dr. C. She was a huge skeptic, and didn't trust chiropractors as her father had been hurt by one. It took me a year to get her to even consider Chiropractic care. I watched her transformation as she progressed through the same stages of wellness and became a believer in Chiropractic care. It was an amazing experience to see her understand what I had been talking about for a year, and I was so glad that she was seeing a change in her body. If I am never able to give her another gift, I am glad that my last gift to her is the gift of herself, and her health. I truly hope that her life is better because of it and that she can remember with great fondness the impact that I had on her.

Chiropractic care and Dr. C have changed my life. There are not enough words to express my gratitude to him for taking the time to teach me that wellness is so much more than getting adjusted. I plan to continue my care, and someday I hope that Dr. C will care for my children. My thoughts about the medical world are completely different after my experience. My advice to people is that if you are a skeptic, open your mind, throw out all of your preconceived notions and give it a chance. It might just surprise you, and you might just surprise yourself."

-Melissa, Nurse

"It began when I was at work. I was taking a box of books from an overhead shelf when it began falling. I tried to stop it, but it wrenched my neck pretty hard. I yelped in pain, but it subsided after a little while. One evening, a couple of days later, I woke in the night in severe pain. It was so bad I thought I was having a heart attack. My left arm hurt all the way down and underneath it; my neck was hurting, and I thought I was going to throw up! My husband calmed me down to a non-hysterical frame of mind. The next day we went to the doctor. I was put on codeine and scheduled to see a neurosurgeon. I was still in severe pain, knots were appearing all over my back, my left thumb was numb, and I got very little sleep. I tried a masseuse, but found no relief. I had been to Littlefield Family Chiropractic before for general wellness and decided that I would go there. Jason took charge and asked me to believe. I knew that he was a Christian, so I prayed and decided to try an alternative to surgery. By the way, I saw the neurosurgeon and he said that I had two discs out in my neck. Jason began treating me. First, I was put in a traction machine that helped stretch my neck. I went for traction three times a week for several months. Finally, the feeling came back in my thumb. After that, I went two times a week to the Littlefield office and did a different traction. In August it will be 2 years since my injury. I now see Jason once every 6 weeks and am able to do anything that doesn't jar my neck extremely, and I feel great! Praise God, and I am so thankful that Jason didn't give up on my situation because it was quite a process! You have to know that he cares enough to scold you when you aren't following treatment, but he also listens to you and treats you accordingly. My hubby and one of our daughters (for the time being) goes for wellness maintenance.

Thank you Jason! Our family loves you and this isn't a sales pitch!"

-Tanya Wife, Mom, and Pre-K Teacher

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